Thought Bubble 2019

comixology hall
table 34

9-10th November 2019

Delighted to be guesting at this year’s THOUGH BUBBLE FESTIVAL, debuting in its shiny new home at the Harrogate Convention Centre.

Expecting to be at my booth most of the weekend, signing whatever you like and selling expensive stuff cheaply.

Find me in the COMIXOLOGY ORIGINALS HALL at TABLE 34. That’s either the far right or the near left, depending where you came in.

BTW, I have insane amounts of comp copies at home -- so! many! hardbacks! — so if there’s anything obscure you want me to bring/sign/sell, LMK via the Contact page.

Also note, this’ll be the first show I do after the Hellblazer relaunch. I will have comps — but not many.

Oh! And I’m doing a panel. Come see:



  • 12.00-12.50PM - PANEL: THE science of marvel

  • LOCATION: room a - queen’s suite

Science Communicator JV Chamary asks a panel of comic creators to discover whether there's a formula for making characters the Marvel way.

Together with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, Stan Lee created Marvel's most beloved superheroes and gave them powers and origin stories with scientific explanations. In this discussion JV will be joined by Marvel writers and artists: Mariko Tamaki, Simon Spurrier, Gerry Duggan and Robbie Thompson.