Unusual Concentrations - A Novella


Available now for the price of a regular latte:


Crime, coffee and careless talk.

Unusual Concentrations is a bleakly funny novella about loneliness, imagination and the curious horrors of coffee culture, written by award winning novelist and graphic-novelist Simon Spurrier.

Jay Berry is a pathetic man. He spends his days in the anodyne cafeterias of London, living vicariously through those around him, letting his pitiful attention skip like a pebble on a pond.

But an overheard conversation and a grisly event - death-by-latte - embroil him in a caffeinated conspiracy his dismal imagination can barely comprehend.

Following the success of his novels Contract and A Serpent Uncoiled, this blast of dark absurdist realism marks Spurrier’s first foray into digital publishing, and is available in all major e-reader formats.


In .epub, .pdf or .mobi formats:

[Kindle users: Unusual Concentrations is indeed available via the Amazon marketplace, but some of you might prefer to use this somewhat less Imperial outlet instead. It’s easier than you might think to transfer .mobi files to your Kindle. A tutorial on that can be found here.] 

Unusual Concentrations is my first experiment with digital self-publishing. It’s a bleak, funny, sad, strange story about London, crime, coffee and careless talk. You can buy all 40,000 words of it for precisely the price of a disappointing medium latte at S***bucks. I assure you the novella gives better value.

Unusual Concentrations germinated during a very unhappy time in my life, and there’s a whole lot of ridiculous reality lurking behind the absurdism. I’m indebted to Chuck Wendig and Leigh Alexander for their insights into self-publishing, and to Lee Harris for tech-help with format conversions. 

Spurrier has written a wonderfully knowing, beautifully constructed book. It combines sharp, perfectly observed social observation with humour and a plot that stays one careful step away from total absurdity. An excellent, thoroughly recommended read.
— Guy Adams, Dad-Info
An unusual story that had me gripped almost from the start. Once it has your attention, you will need to find out how this story about stories ends.
— Flickering Myth
Endlessly funny, deeply bleak and relentlessly clever, it’s an espresso shot of horror, crime, thriller and comedy. Drink it all down.
— Alasdair Stuart