Main cover for Issue #1, art by Christian Wildgoose

Main cover for Issue #1, art by Christian Wildgoose

New Project Announced: ALIENATED

@ New York Comic Con, October 2019


News just announced here at the New York Comic Con: a new creator owned book I’m launching through Boom! Studios.

Alienated is a highschool thriller with sci-fi elements, exquisitely illustrated by Christian Wildgoose. I’ve been itching to work with him since I saw his work on the spectacular Porcelain, many years ago.

Full press release over at The Hollywood Reporter, but here’s the core:

“I always wondered what would’ve happened if E.T. had been befriended by someone a little less...nice,” Spurrier said in a statement. “Someone with issues. Someone with rage and uncertainty and insecurity and big ideas, waiting to be tested. A teenager, basically. Or better yet, three of them. Then again, I always wondered what would’ve happened if E.T. himself had been a bit more, y’know. Alien. As in: ineffably strange. And terrifying.”

The series is, he said, “my take on the classic coming-of-age high school tale, by which I mean it’s got as much vicious toxicity about it as it has awkwardness and heart.”

Essentially it’s the story of three outcasts who stumble on a godlike extradimensional entity in the woods one day, and use it to murder a bully.

Hijinx ensue.

I’ll keep you updated with release information and more sneak-peekery on the blog. For now, here’s a glorious Variant cover for #1 by Bengal, and some of Chris’s character designs.