The Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2019


11-13th October 2019


Excited to be attending this show for the first time. We’re bringing the nipper with us, so if you see a porridge/puke-shouldered writer with a haunted look and a week-old New York hangover, and/or a baby: come say hey.

Herein: where and when I’ll be.

NB: for SIGNINGS, it seems the show doesn’t lay-on scheduled scribble sessions in the US style, but sets aside time after panels. (A method I’ve seen working rather nicely at Euro shows.) So if you’ve got a stack of stuff for me to deface, bring it along to one of the below.



No programmed events! I’ll be wandering the show floor, and/or haunting any available bars. I’m not that scary. Come and say Hi.


  • 12.30-1.30pm - PANEL: THE WRITING GAME

  • Location: BREWERY ARTS CENTRE Theatre

Join Alex Fitch in conversation with Rob Williams, Si Spurrier and Garth Ennis.

NB: There miiiight be sweariness. We’ll try our best not to, but we are weak.

Also NB: Apparently there’ll be some manner of signing session afterwards.

  • 2.15-3.15pm - Panel: DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS

  • Location: Brewery Arts Centre Screen Two

Andy Diggle, Becky Cloonan and Si Spurrier discuss the similarities and influences between Dungeons and Dragons and the comic book world with a focus on storytelling and character development across both mediums.

NB: Full disclosure, I’m a wretched noob. What little D’n’D I’ve played, I’ve loved, but don’t expect much insight from over here. I imagine I’ll be asking Andy and Becky at least as many disruptive questions as the rest of you. Should be fun.

NB: as above, probably some manner of signing session after the talk.